Jake Zortman Cinematography

Jake Zortman Cinematography is a production services company owned by director and cinematographer Jake Zortman. Jake’s been shooting since he graduated from college in 1991, so at heart he’s a cameraman. The skill of lighting a subject or scene captivated him early on in his career. He started buying small specialty lights and other gadgets that he wanted to have in his toolbox. Then… he started buying cameras, then the lenses he liked… and now, over 15 years after picking up that first lighting kit, he owns enough equipment to shoot just about any size production or provide for multiple productions on the same day. Jake has produced dozens of commercials over the years and his company has expanded beyond his own shooting. It’s evolved to be a boutique production services company, a preferred one call vendor for production managers and producers from around the world.


Jake’s Bio:

Jake’s first gig after college was shooting extreme sports films, and from that point he worked his way through the production business, shooting everything from live action sports to documentaries and commercials. In addition to shooting, he produced and wrote TV promos, commercials, documentaries, and TV magazine shows. Many of these projects he shot and edited himself and through this experience developed an eye for seeing how the footage being shot will cut together in post, and a deep understanding of the production process in general. Currently, Jake works as a producer, director and cinematographer in commercials, studio and network promos as well as documentary work. His strong production background gives him a complete understanding of what will be needed to bring words on the page to the screen. That understanding and his ability to work with talent and make people feel at ease in front of the camera defines him as a director. He also enjoys working as a cinematographer for other directors and going back to his roots -­‐ shooting interviews, documentaries and other ENG oriented projects. Jake is a Southern California native who grew up all over the country, living in New York, the DC suburbs and Texas. He makes his home in Santa Monica, CA and promises to never leave. When he’s not working, he enjoys many outdoor activities… his favorite being sailing.