Sony F55: The F55 is one of the finest cameras available on the market. 4K, 2K, 1080 capable. It can shoot up to 180fps internally. The list of features is too long to list here. We have 2 F55’s in house w/ OLED viewfinders.
Sony FS7: The FS7 is a great camera for ENG / Documentary productions. 4K, 2K, 1080 capable. We have several lens choices including  the Sony 28 – 135 zoom lens and various EF and E mount lenses.  We have 2 Fs7’s in house.
Sony A7S: An excellent DSLR option for use with Ronin. Matches Sony F55 / Fs7 well.
Sony EX3: The EX3 is a great, compact ½” imager camera for many applications. 2 in house.


Fujinon 25 – 300mm: A beautiful lens with a lot of range. I find it sharper than the Optimo. T 3.5 PL Zoom.
Arri Alura 45 – 250mm: A truly beautiful long cine-style lens. T 2.6 PL Zoom.
Fujinon Cabrio 19 – 90mm: A versatile compact zoom lens w/ servo motor. Excellent for documentary / ENG. T 2.9 PL Zoom.
Fujinon Cabrio 20 – 120mm: A versatile compact zoom lens w/ servo motor. Excellent for documentary / ENG. T 3.5 PL Zoom.
Unique Optics Signature Series Prime PL Lenses: 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm & 100mm.
Sony PZ 18-110 E Mount F4 Zoom Lens
Canon 11×4.7B Wide Angle HD B4 Zoom: The 2/3” ENG standard. W/ doubler.
Canon 24-105 EF Mount F4 Zoom Lens
Canon 50mm EF Mount Prime F1.4 Lens
Sony Vario Tessar E Mount 24-70mm Zoom F4 Lens
Sony Sonnar E Mount 35mm Prime F2.8 Lens

Rokinon 12mm E Mount Full Frame Wide Angle F2.8 Lens


17” Sony OLED PVMA A170 Monitors
17” Panasonic 1760 Monitors
Odyssey 7Q+ On board Monitor / 4K Recorder
Variety of small on board monitors


  • O’Connor 2575 Heavy Head
  • O’Connor 2060 Head
  • Sachtler Video 20 CF Tripods
  • 4’ Slider
  • Ronin M Camera Gimbal
  • Microforce Zoom Controls
  • Follow Focus Pkgs
  • Media Transfer Packages
  • Standard / Baby Mitchell Legs
  • Cartoni Tripod / Head Pkg.
  • Dana Dolly
  • 6×6, 4×5, 4×4 Matteboxes
  • Filter Packages
  • Anton Bauer Battery Systems