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Jake Zortman is an author, producer, director and cinematographer. Creating content is his passion and he's spent his career as a  collaborator in creative ventures across many platforms, including television, documentary features, and books.
TV / Film / Video

Jake's career began behind the lens, as a docu-style cameraman telling stories with images through a diverse set of experiences from extreme sports adventures in the high sierra, to March Madness, the NFL, and NBA.


Driven by a desire to create intricate lighting designs and explore new creative opportunities, he transitioned into shooting commercials and specialty projects. His love of documentaries persists, and he continues to produce and shoot feature projects.


Jake founded BackFocus, a production services company focusing on short-form projects requiring high-end cinematography. With a commitment to quality and a wealth of experience, BackFocus brings a cutting edge approach to visual storytelling becoming a 'go to' for the major movie studios and networks.


The roots of Jake's creative journey trace back to his childhood love for books that provided joy and escape, fueling his imagination. After dedicating many years bringing other’s creative ideas to the screen, he’s realizing his dream of telling his own stories as an author.


His debut novel, "The Rise of The Legends," marks the inception of an exciting middle-grade adventure series. However, his creative endeavors extend beyond the pages of the book. Jake is crafting an interactive world inspired by the characters, themes, and places within his novel via his new business venture.


As the CEO and Creative Director of Good Harbor Entertainment, Jake is not just telling stories; he's building immersive experiences where storytelling meets innovation and the mind's eye is brought to life.

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