Jake Zortman Cinematography

Jake Zortman Cinematography is a production services company owned by cinematographer Jake Zortman. Jake’s made his living shooting since he graduated from college in 1991. The skill of lighting a subject or scene captivated him early on in his career. He started buying small specialty lights and other gadgets that he wanted to have in his toolbox. That evolved into buying the cameras and lenses he liked.  Now, nearly 20 years after picking up that first lighting kit, he owns enough equipment to shoot just about any size production or provide for multiple productions on the same day. In addition to his work as a cinematographer, Jake has produced and directed dozens of commercials over the years.  His company has expanded beyond his own shooting to be a boutique production services company.  Jake Zortman Cinematography has become a preferred one call vendor for production managers and producers from around the world.