Sony Venice: The Sony Venice is the premier digital cinematography camera available today. Is has a 6K full format sensor and amazing life like color rendition.
Sony FX9: The FX9 is an fantastic ENG / Field Camera. 15+ stops lattitude, Full Sensor, 4K and amazing color rendition.  2 FX9s in house!
Sony FX6: The FX6 is a full frame 4k camera with many of the features of the FX9, but in a much smaller and lighter body. A great camera for gimbal mounting or other rigging. 120fps in 4K!
Sony FS7: The FS7 is a great camera for ENG / Documentary productions. 4K and 1080 HD capable. Cameras have PL and EF adaptors, or can use the native E mount lenses. We have many lens choices including  the Sony 18 – 110 zoom lens.
Sony A7S: An excellent DSLR option for use with Ronin. Matches Sony F55 / Fs7 well.
Sony EX3: The EX3 is a great, compact ½” imager camera for many applications. 2 in house.


Fujinon 25 – 300mm: A beautiful lens with a lot of range. I find it sharper than the Optimo. T 3.5 PL Zoom.
Arri Alura 45 – 250mm: A truly beautiful long cine-style lens. T 2.6 PL Zoom.
Fujinon Premista 28 – 100mm Full Frame Zoom: The premiere full frame zoom lens. Amazing optical quality.T 2.9 PL Zoom.
Fujinon Cabrio 19 – 90mm: A versatile compact zoom lens w/ servo motor. Excellent for documentary / ENG. T 2.9 PL Zoom.
Fujinon Cabrio 20 – 120mm: A versatile compact zoom lens w/ servo motor. Excellent for documentary / ENG. T 3.5 PL Zoom.
Unique Optics Signature Series Prime PL Lenses: 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm & 100mm.
Sony PZ 18-110 E Mount F4 Zoom Lens
Canon 11×4.7B Wide Angle HD B4 Zoom: The 2/3” ENG standard. W/ doubler.
Canon 24-105 EF Mount F4 Zoom Lens
Canon 50mm EF Mount Prime F1.4 Lens
Sony Vario Tessar E Mount 24-70mm Zoom F4 Lens
Sony Sonnar E Mount 35mm Prime F2.8 Lens

Rokinon 12mm E Mount Full Frame Wide Angle F2.8 Lens


17” Sony OLED PVMA A170 Monitors
17” Panasonic 1760 Monitors
Odyssey 7Q+ On board Monitor / 4K Recorder
Small HD 703 Monitor with Built in Teredek Receiver
Variety of small on board monitors
Teredek Bolt 500 Wireles Monitoring System


  • O’Connor 2575 Heavy Head
  • O’Connor 2060 Head
  • Sachtler Video 20 CF Tripods
  • 4’ Slider
  • Ronin M Camera Gimbal
  • Microforce Zoom Controls
  • Tilta Nucleus Fi+Z, 2 Motor System with Handles
  • Follow Focus Pkgs
  • Media Transfer Packages
  • Standard / Baby Mitchell Legs
  • Cartoni Tripod / Head Pkg.
  • Dana Dolly
  • 6×6, 4×5, 4×4 Matteboxes
  • Filter Packages
  • Anton Bauer Battery Systems